Have Custom Uniforms Made For The Seasons

The average daytime temperature in Hawaii is 85 degrees in summer. When it really gets cold in the middle of winter, the average daytime temperature is 78 degrees. If we were selling uniforms to the people of Hawaii, they’d need just one style of uniform to get them through the year.

New York City is not Hawaii. New York gets hot in the summer (made even hotter by the pavement) and cold in the winter (made even colder by the shadows of the buildings and the wind tunnels those buildings create). Because of these wild temperature changes throughout the year, it’s important to think about the employees who might need different custom uniforms to get them through the year.

Take Doormen for example. You want them to look good 365 days a year, but you also want them to be comfortable so that they can perform their duties with a smile. Making sure that they have the proper clothes will protect them from the wind in winter and help them to shed heat in the summer. Matching hats can also help them weather the weather, so why not offer them a wider brim for when it’s snowing?

Valet drivers are another good example of someone wearing a custom uniform who needs something different in winter than in summer. Too many valets wear their street coats over their uniforms, which hides their uniforms and decreases customer trust. A heavier uniform (or custom coats and jackets) in winter can make sure that company styles and logos are never hidden .

If your employees work outdoors, make sure that they’re comfortable with the best custom uniforms available from Schlesinger’s Uniforms!