Custom made doorman’s uniforms are made from selected fabrics.  We make a suit with braid trim and embroidery of the address of the building.  We also make a doorman’s hat.  We can make a doorman’s winter coat.  We can add white shirts and ties.

We make custom made Team Uniforms for schools, corporate teams, and any other teams. We can decorate stock uniforms or make entirely custom uniforms for your team. We specialize in basketball, baseball, soccer, and hockey uniforms.

Custom silk-screening can be done on T-Shirts and sweatshirts for parties and corporate wear.

Custom embroidery can be done on knit shirts and hats.

These make for wonderful giveaways at children’s functions, and to employees at companies.

Shop promotional items with JAM Promotions. Specializing in custom and personalized novelty items for all types of events, including corporate, private, social, and more.

We are a 4-th generation uniform business, specialized in all of the uniform needs of New York City. Our custom made uniforms have continuously been ranked to be #1 for quality, outstanding customer service and price competitiveness. When it comes to getting quality uniforms which are customized to you, your service or your organization, Schlesinger’s Uniforms is the place to go for great customer service and a great product.

NYPD Police Uniforms

Proudly equipping New York’s Finest

NYPDWe are a certified dealer of New York Police Department uniforms. Whether you need to replace one part of your police uniform, get your uniform tailored, or order the entire set — complete with accessories — Schlesinger’s Uniforms is the one-stop-shop police uniform store.

We offer tailoring services to make sure that your uniform fits just right and is comfortable throughout your days protecting the city. From ceremonial uniforms to everyday gear, we have the appropriate clothing for every rank of New York’s Finest.

Schlesinger’s Uniforms has been around for over a hundred years and after four generations in the uniform business, we know everything there is to know about equipping the NYPD with the police uniforms and accessories needed to be a force for good on our streets.

Contact us today for pricing and let’s get started on your uniform!


Security Uniforms

The security uniforms you need to look reliable, professional and authoritative

When it comes to security, you need to look reliable and dependable, which means having a professional—and, in some cases, official—security uniform.

At Schlesinger’s Uniforms, our uniform store has been fitting security services and the NYPD with high-quality custom uniforms for generations.

In business since 1898, we’ve seen every kind of uniform for a variety of security services. With over a century of experience in New York’s custom uniform industry, we can provide you with everything you need to have a complete, professional and dependable look.

We provide more than just a pair of pants, a shirt and a jacket. We can set you and your team up with a complete ensemble.

Career Apparel

The needs of your uniforms will depend on your employer and their desired specifications. We’ve worked with many security companies and private businesses in the past to equip security guards with the uniforms they need to appear authoritative and reliable. Talk to us about what you need out of your uniform and we will get you set up with a high-quality ensemble.

Hospitality Uniforms

Your team needs to look great. Get a complete, professional look

From the concierge to the hostess, the doorman to the chef, the housekeeper to the server—your team needs a complete, professional look. Your guests, patrons and diners expect to see clearly defined uniforms which put them at ease and let them know exactly who they’re talking to. Make sure that your business has a look that people can trust while building a strong bond as an organization. We can help! Schlesinger’s Uniforms has been providing quality custom uniforms for New York’s hospitality industry since 1898 and we have everything you need to keep your team looking their best.

About Our Hospitality Uniforms

Our uniform store can provide custom uniforms in all styles for all positions within the hospitality industry. With four generation of experience in the New York uniform industry, we know exactly what you need to make a good impression with your guests and diners. Our uniforms can me much more than just simple aprons, or a shirt and jacket. We provide the whole package with any accessories needed, including badges and name tags. Consult with us today about putting together a complete look for your team and let’s make your business look as sharp, professional and reliable as possible.

Types of Hospitality Uniforms:

  Aprons – For servers, back-of-house staff, kitchen staff and much more. These will match the rest of the uniforms and keep your team looking clean and professional.

 Vests – A vest is an easy way to introduce color and solidarity without a full jacket. The concierge, hostess, servers and more can benefit from a professional vest.

 Full Uniform Solutions – Make sure your doorman is prepared for every season, and that your housekeepers have full uniforms. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll help you design full uniforms for your whole team.

Schlesinger & Sons has been serving the USPS and have been a certified USPS uniform and footwear dealer for more than 4 decades. Our postal uniforms are one of the industry’s highest quality uniforms. We provide word class service in our local NYC based shop.


Medical Uniforms

We can take a look under the hood

We offer great medical uniforms including scrubs. We are the go-to in New York for your uniforms and we stock solid scrub colors such as navy, royal and white.

We always stock white unisex and ladies’ labcoats, and men’s consultation coats.  We carry unisex scrubs in white, jade green, teal, navy, royal blue and ceil blue as well as ladies scrubs in a variety of colors.

Our work clothes and career apparel uniforms are specifically customized to your specifications with tailoring, silkscreening and embroidery options. You and your whole team can reach the complete, professional look you desire by using the services we provide at Schlesinger’s Uniforms.

We always carry workclothes for maintenance personnel.  We stock light and dark blue work shirts, navy workpants and navy work parkas. We also stock spruce green workpants which are primarily used by NYC Sanitation workers and which are versatile and could be used anywhere. Our olive green and navy workpants, the same kind we supply to the NYC Parks Department workers, are extremely durable and could be easily customized to fit your brand. We can embroider the name of your company as well as the individual’s name on the uniforms.


At B. Schlesinger & Sons Uniforms we pay a great attention to the footwear that comes with wearing an uniform. We make sure that your people feel comfortable not only wearing their uniforms but also the uniform footwear that goes with it.

We always stock a number of immediately available styles of uniform footwear.  We carry a Grabber oxford shoe, a Bates waterproof men’s and ladies’ 4″ boot, a Magnum 5″ waterproof boot as well as a number of styles of Thorogood and Reebok shoes and chukka boots in all leather. All of our uniform footwear is made in America.