Uniforms for Movies and TV Shows

Since 1934, Schlesinger’s Uniforms has been providing uniforms wardrobe to hundreds of Motion Picture and Television projects. Our craftmanship is known across the country to members of the industry. Movie and television industry professionals have been using Schlesinger’s Uniforms wardrobe for award winning-productions since we started 4 generats ago. We can qiuckly provide the uniforms you need to your main character as well as your entire cast.

The best uniform shop in the City

We have been supplying uniforms for movies and television for more than 80 years. We started doing this back in the 1930s on a small scale in New York and we quickly became the go to uniforms supplire for cinema and television productions in the USA.
Our police uniforms, post uniforms, hospitality uniforms, medical uniforms, etc. have appeared to date in more than 500 productions for the big and small screen.

The best thing about using our uniforms is that we can make standard, real-live uniforms as well as custom made uniforms that resemble the real ones but are customized to the specific cinema production needs as well. All our uniforms are new, never refurbished and this is why they are highly valued in the movie industry.

If you need uniforms for your film or short feature, simply let us know. Simply include a photo of the uniform in question, along with a short description of what you need and leave the rest to us.