When’s the last time you saw a nurse in a cap? There’s a good chance it was on TV or in a movie, and it was almost certainly a period piece. That’s because some uniforms change over the years to accommodate style, social standing, and the requirements of the job.

But have you noticed that some traditional uniforms just go away, while impractical aspects of other uniforms just stick around for seemingly no reason.

Chef’s Uniforms: If a customer has a complaint or compliment and wants to speak with the chef, there’s a good chance that they’re expecting to see the chef come out in a tall chef’s hat. It’s entirely likely that the chef just put it on a few seconds before coming out, because they know what a customer is wanting to see when they come through the kitchen doors.

Bellhop Uniforms: Many hotels still subscribe to the idea that a bellhop should look exactly as they would have 70 years ago, in the small bell-boy hat and a bright uniform (often red). The idea of having such a particular uniform is often used to portray a sense of history and grandeur in the hotel, so it’s unlikely that this uniform will be going away anytime soon.

Doormen Uniforms: Fancier apartments just can’t give up the idea of the custom uniform for their doormen. This one will probably stick around in buildings that have separate doormen / security, but as doormen become more about security and dealing with problems, standard secured apartments will probably move to guards in security uniforms.

Ties: We’re not in the business of selling traditional suits to individuals, but we can’t help but rag on the tie. Ties might be the most useless piece of clothing in history, if you view it from a practical standpoint. Ties are entirely ornamental, and even dangerous if you’re being attacked (it’s around your neck!) or get too close to the paper shredder (IT’S AROUND YOUR NECK!)

Some uniforms change while others stay the same. No matter what kind of custom uniform you’re looking for, give Schlesinger’s Uniforms a call today!