How Custom Uniforms Positively Affect Your Customers

When we design and sell a custom uniform, it’s not just the uniform itself that we’re selling. We’re also providing a professional way for your employees to interact with your customers, instilling trust and confidence that can lead to better business for your company.

No matter what your business, custom uniforms will improve not only your employee’s performance but also how the public interacts with them. How can this happen? What improvements can you look for when you use our custom uniforms?

Identity: A uniform can instill a great sense of trust in the public. It suggests that the person is an expert at what they are doing, or has at least had training enough to warrant wearing what they’re wearing.

Trust: Whether it’s armed security services or a bellhop, uniforms make the customer more trusting of your employees. Even if the job is entry-level at McDonalds, you’re more likely to trust someone to make your food if they’re not in street clothes.

Better business: Most of the time, you don’t want an employee to turn off their personality and be a mindless robot. But you do want them to comply with the tenets set down by their training and company policy. When the employee wears the custom uniform, they are more likely to adhere to the standards to the company, which is more likely to impress the customer. This leads to repeat business and better word-of-mouth.

Customers  are looking for someone who knows what they’re doing, and the trust begins when they see employees in matching uniforms. Call our uniform store in Manhattan, NY to get the process started!

A Comfortable Look For Every Professional

Your staff deserves to look great, feel great, and do great work! From concierges and doormen, to chef’s and housekeepers, we know just how important every member of your team is. And that’s just it, you are a team, and you deserve to look like one. When you put your team in new custom Schlesinger’s uniforms you can expect their morale to increase. Sometimes all it takes is a new comfortable uniform to build a stronger bond as an organization.

Every style we provide is made specifically made for the job that your team is doing. We specialize in a few areas:

–          Aprons

We make aprons for servers, back of the house staff, kitchen staff and anyone else who might need one. These are made to not only protect but also, to perfectly match any and every custom uniform while keeping a clean and professional appearance.

–          Vests

We make vest that are perfect for concierges, hostesses, servers, and any other staffers who could benefit from wearing a professional vest. They are the perfect topper to an already perfected uniform because they add color and solidarity without the bulkiness that can be attributed to a jacket on top of sleeves.

–          Full Uniform Solutions

We build full uniform solutions that will keep your professionals comfortable all year round. It’s important for staff members like concierges or doormen to feel comfortable through the blistering summer as well as the cold winters. So, we create different pieces that work seamlessly together and keep your professionals looking sharp all year round.

Help your organization look like a team today. Start customizing your Schlesinger’s uniforms now.

If you are searching for professional uniforms in Manhattan, look no further than Schlesinger’s Uniforms. At Schlesinger’s Uniforms we have what it takes to give you the customer service you want, combined with the best custom uniforms you need to look professional and feel comfortable!

No matter what profession you are in, we are certain that we can provide you and your employees with the uniforms you’re looking for. We have everything from chef aprons to police uniforms! No matter what your career is in, you want to look professional. Customers will always be more likely to trust and choose services from someone who looks clean and professional over someone who doesn’t. With our custom uniforms available in Manhattan, there is no excuse to not look your very best at every second of every day!

Are you ready to find custom uniforms for your company? Search through our uniform store online now and find security uniforms, chef aprons and even police uniforms! If you are not seeing the uniform you came to our website to find, remember that we offer custom uniform services! Call us today to learn more about how you can get your very own custom made uniform now! Don’t miss another sale because you weren’t dressed for success. Impress your future customers by dressing professional, sleek and trusting. Look your very best when you wear Schlesinger’s Uniforms today! Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.